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Wuorinen: Orchestral works, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Levine/Serkin

Live recordings of Wuorinen's FOURTH PIANO CONCERTO and EIGHTH SYMPHONY, Boston Symphony Orchestra, James Levine and Peter Serkin, piano

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Reviews are in!

Posted on December 16, 2016 by Bridge Records

Available now from Bridge Records and other retailers!

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Release date imminent!

Posted on September 2, 2016 by Bridge Records

We’ve got it in hand! Bridge has received copies of the Charles Wuorinen disc, and has sent them out to our distributors. The official release date is 9/9/2016. The disc can be preordered here: http://www.bridgerecords.com/products/9474

Mastering soon!

Posted on June 7, 2016 by Bridge Records

Hi there, followers! Sorry for the delay between updates, but I’m back with a lot of news:

We’re now looking at an October release date. The disc will be mastered in the next week, and we’ve managed to secure the beautiful photo by Sarah Shatz, used as the header image for the project for the CD cover!

Here’s a small sample of the Fourth Piano Concerto, with Peter Serkin and the BSO, conducted by James Levine:

Exciting news!

Posted on July 22, 2015 by Bridge Records

We’ve moved forward with the release significantly in the last few weeks. Mastering is still a few months away, it’s going to be good! 

Here’s some sound from the first movement of the 8th Symphony. Hope you enjoy it!

Great news – additional grant funding

Posted on May 28, 2014 by Bridge Records

Hello, followers! We’ve got some great news about this project. In addition to the generous grant from New Music USA, we found out over the weekend that the Aaron Copland Fund for Recorded Music has also provided a sizeable grant towards the completion of this recording. It’s going to be great, and we can’t wait to get it out there!

Additional tax deductible donations towards this project, or other Great Performances projects can be made here.


Bridge Records plans to issue the world premiere recordings of Charles Wuorinen’s FOURTH PIANO CONCERTO and the EIGHTH SYMPHONY (THEOLOGOUMENA).  Both works were commissioned by the Boston Sympony Orchestra and premiered with James Levine conducting.  The soloist in the concerto is Peter Serkin.  These are extraordinary performances of two of Wuorinen’s finest works.  This project will also include the first BSO recording of Wuorinen’s GRAND BAMBOULA for string orchestra (BSO/LEVINE). This recording will present a conductor and orchestra who have been dedicated to Wuorinen’s music for decades. Few of Wuorinen’s orchestral works have previously been available on recording.

The planned release date for this recording would be January, 2015. Bridge Records has collaborated with the BSO previously, and look forward to working together again. This will mark the first recordings of Maestro Levine on Bridge Records.

On release, the recording will have worldwide distribution, both digitally and physically, including major websites such as Amazon, Amazon MP3, iTunes and eMusic.

Photo: © Sarah Shatz

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2 responses to “Wuorinen: Orchestral works, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Levine/Serkin”

  1. The Wuorinen project is moving forward! Bridge is now working with donations from the Aaron Copland Fund for Recorded Music, Roger Shapiro Fund, and the Evelyn Sharp Foundation, as well as the generous gift from New Music USA.

    We are looking forward to the production phase of this recording! More updates soon, about this exciting music!

  2. We’ve set a mastering date! The recording will be mastered in early June, and will be aimed at an October, 2016 release date.

    Also, we can now confirm that the beautiful photo of James Levine and Charles Wuorinen by Sarah Shatz will be used as the cover artwork for the recording.

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