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Winter 2020

Offering project-specific funding to individuals and organizations.



The next iteration of Project Grants deadline will be January 30, 2020 at 5 pm Eastern time. Updated guidelines will be posted by the end of October 2019 on this site. The system will open to begin accepting projects in December 2019 and announcements of awards will take place in May 2020.


In response to the high quality of many applications to our Project Grants funding and in response to the feedback many of you have given us about the extreme competitiveness of the program, we will be making some modifications to the guidelines and procedures. We are introducing these changes so that we can enable a broader range of people from across the whole new music community to benefit from our support. These are as follows:

  • We will no longer be able to support retroactive projects. Any projects submitted to the January deadline must take place from June 2020 onwards.
  • Project organizers will only be eligible to submit one project per deadline. Appearing as a collaborator on multiple projects is allowed.
  • After this round of funding, successful applicants will only be eligible every other round. This means that those receiving grants in May 2020 will need to abstain from one round before returning for our support.

We will also explain in our guidelines the levels of funding we are allocating to different areas of new music activity as prescribed by our endowed funds. We hope this will clarify why some of our support is earmarked for specific areas or music genres.

More detail will be forthcoming with the new guidelines posted by the end of October 2019. Please be sure to take extra care in reading the guidelines to make sure that your project will be eligible for support.


Our approach to Project Grants is driven by two core convictions. First, that the best way to serve new music is to ask practitioners what they need rather than tell them what they should want. Second, that the process for requesting financial support should be simple and should help artists connect with audiences, not just funders.

Applicants are asked to present their projects using the same language and media they would use to build public interest in their work. Our goal is to make grantmaking less about grant writing, and focus instead on how artists naturally talk about their work.

We are also passionate about adding value to the grants we give and work to provide a platform for further exploration. We do this to build community around the artists we serve through promotion of  projects through social media, email, and our connections within the field.


Awards can range between $250 and $15,000.

Keep in mind that both full and partial awards will be made and we will work hard to provide grants that are meaningful to your efforts. You can be sure that we always want to support as many great projects with as much money as we can. 


The deadline for submission will be 5 pm Eastern Time on Thursday, January 30, 2020. The online system will open in early December 2019. Notification will be sent via email before May 30, 2020. Please make sure you have info@newmusicusa.org  listed as a “safe sender” to ensure you receive an email notification.

Full Guidelines will be available in late October 2019. If you have questions please be sure to email us at info@newmusicusa.org.

And please make your voice heard by taking our survey; share your thoughts and help shape our future priorities!